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About Dreamwork

Dreamwork offers access to the innate wisdom and creative potential of the unconscious supporting artists of all disciplines to make the invisible visible and create truthful work.

In our practice, we dive deep into the dream imagery and work with breath, voice, gesture, painting and writing to express the unconscious material, embody the figures the dream brought forth and explore hidden parts of ourselves in order to move towards a richer, more integrated experience of our artistry.

About Janina Picard

Janina is an actor, voice artist and dreamwork facilitator.

She assisted, studied and trained extensively with her mentor Sandra Seacat in Los Angeles and has furthered her studies of Dreamwork with the C.G. Jung Institute Berlin and the C.G. Jung Centre Dublin.

She has been coaching artists privately and teaching workshops in New York and Berlin since 2020.

Janina is also a certified breathwork facilitator and martial arts black belt, practicing meditation since early childhood.

As an actor and voice actor, she works professionally in the US, in Istanbul, Turkey and all over Europe, performing on stage and in TV & film.

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